Understand the Importance of Jaw Pain Chiropractor for TMJ

Published on February 8 2021

TMJ is a term that refers to a wide variety of conditions that affect jaw muscles and facial nerves. A professional jaw pain chiropractor could help provide relief from acute or chronic inflammation of the temporomandibular joint. The jaw joint, popularly known as TM joint, connects the lower bone to the skull's temporal bones on each side of the head. The muscles controlling the joints are attached to the mandible and allow easy movement of the jaw.

The TM joint performs two main functions. The first one works as a hinge to open and close your mouth. The second one is a sliding motion, which allows forward and downward movement of the lower jaw. It also helps in chewing, singing, and yawning.

Issues with TMJ is quite popular among young people, which could be due to direct injury or trauma to the jaw, teeth grinding, nail-biting, and other degenerative joint diseases like arthritis, infections and auto-immune diseases.

Many people do not realise that a chiropractor could help with TMJ, which forces them to bear the pain or look for other alternatives. The common notions are that the problem would involve only pain in the jaw, but the fact is that TMJ has a wide range of symptoms like ear pain, headache, neck pain, jaw pain or soreness. The professional help could help in providing pain relief for a long time.


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